Voyager Park

Voyager Park in a nutshell.

Voyager Park is a project of Willems Ventures, a venture with assets in the ‘real world’ that focuses on tourism, renewable energy and heat utilization from small data-centers.

Voyager Park will allow investors to participate in the project and in return, receive equity of the Willems Ventures with a dividend yield up to 40%.

Location and Region.

The Park is located in a beautiful region in Sweden called Västernorrland on the border of Jämtland.
The region is known for its lakes, forests and wildlife. The light pollution is classified as 2 and offers clear skies with bright stars and northern lights during the winter.
The existing tourism facilities are usually fully booked during mid-high seasons and is a common holiday destination not only for foreign vistors, but also for southern Swedish tourists.


The site already offers 2 guest houses that will be directly available for bookings after purchasing the property.

The exact location of the property is:

Tågsjötorp 102, 880 50, Sollefteå, Sweden.

The initial idea of Voyager Park was meant to deploy the project in Hålafors, 50km south from this property.

However, after researching new opportunities, we have discovered that it’s more unique and profitable to have a lake and the forest directly connected to the site.

This allows us to provide new activities without leaving the park.
Our new idea’s also allows to create lightweight igloos and deploy them on floating docks during the summer and deploy them on land during the winter.


Voyager Park will offer many activities such as;

Geocaching, Sauna, Beaver Safari, Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing, Ice Fishing, Astro-photography, Husky-sled ride and a lot more!

Region Opportunities.

  • Voyager Park will offer studies in Astronomy and Astrophotography for park visitors and nearby schools.
  • Voyager Park will increase job offer and opportunities in the region of Västernorrland in Sweden.
  • Hodler Energy will demonstrate the most green and cost-efficient technologies in re-using heat from small data-centers.
  • Voyager Park offer summer and winter jobs for students from all over the world and allow them to experience Sweden.
  • Antares Energy will demonstrate how everyone can benefit from renewable energy sources.


January 2020
– End of Investment Phase

February 2020
– Property Purchase
– Order of rental products
– Order of igloos
– Marketing Phase with travel agencies

March 2020
– Upgrade of electric grid
– Small store deployment
– Deployment of first igloos

April 2020
– Activities and rentals advertised
– Booking service goes live

May 2020

June 2020
– First guests arrive at Voyager Park


Investment Process.

Investing in this project gives you shares of Willems Ventures. 
Which includes the Voyager Park project, McBläck and Sollefteå.
Click on the button below or visit the investment page to learn more on how to invest in Willems Ventures.