Sollefteå24 in a nutshell.

Sollefteå24 is a side-project that started in January 2020 as a pilot model.
The model focuses on a 24-hours delivery service in the rural district of Sollefteå that stretches over 200km.

Update COVID-19 Situation

With the current situation, a solution like this is needed more than ever to support the local businesses.
There are rumors that the municipality is working on their own plans and it might be possible to provide our own solution to complement their plans.
Updates will follow.

About Sollefteå24.

After acquiring the McBläck company, we had decided to relocate and boost sales through the internet.

However, looking at the opportunities and the availability of printer supplies in the district of Sollefteå, it makes zero-sense to offer services only through the internet.

Sollefteå has currently no services to deliver packages around the municipality within 24 hours. Locals order a lot online from major stores, while smaller companies in the region feel the negative effect of the internet.

That’s where we decided to engage several existing companies in the region and deploy a service point for Sollefteå.

With a routine pick and drop service, we will be able to transport multiple packages up to 10kg on the same day between a few depots that stretches over 200km in the Sollefteå Municipality.

Sollefteå24 will also enable a webshop where consumers and businesses can advertise their products and deliver this to a service point, where the buyer can pick it up later on the same day. 

Sollefteå24 will earn through sales from the webshop and from the shipping services. 



No time-line or roadmap available. Sollefteå24 is a self-funded side-project that will be developed in spare time.

Investment Opportunities.

Sollefteå24 is not an investment project and does not require funding from external parties.
Sollefteå24 will be funded with funds earned through the project.

It is only possible to receive dividends of this project as a bonus by acquiring shares of Willems Ventures.
Please visit the investment page to learn more.