Bläck Service Örnsköldsvik : 19921086-6795-00001

McBläck in a nutshell.

McBläck is a company in Hålafors, Sweden.


McBläck focuses on green solutions in printers and printer supplies.

We refill printer cartridges and toners for consumers and businesses, while disrupting the typical Razor-razorblade model.

The company has been existing for 12 years before it was acquired.
During these 12 years, it was only operated locally without using digital marketing or the use of a webshop to boost sales.

In 2020, we will be offering compatible and re manufactured printer supplies through our web-shop and offer a 24-hours delivery service for consumers and businesses in this region.

Update regarding COVID-19 Situation.

While there have been many concerns about the COVID-19 situation within our business, things are now going better than ever.
Last month we have introduced a soft version of our webshop, with the covid-19 situation, more people that work remotely are printing at home. 
We believe that this is the reason why the daily sales are increasing.
We will try to update this page as much as possible during the ‘crisis’.

About McBläck.

McBläck is a company that was acquired privately by Nayiem Willems in June 2019. It is currently registered under the number: 19921086-6795-00001  

McBläck will be registered in 2020 as limited company under the flag of Willems Ventures. 

McBläck is a non-risk project that is already live and doesn’t require any additional funding.
It fuels other projects and provides salaries to workers that are involved with Sollefteå24 and Voyager Park.
It is only possible to receive dividends of this project as a bonus by acquiring shares of Willems Ventures.

Please visit the investment page for more details.



McBläck acquired by Willems Ventures

January 2020
Relocation to Hålafors

February 2020
Webshop goes live

Q2 2020

Historical Data.

Historical data can be viewed or obtained from ‘Allabolag’ or ‘Ratsit’.
Both are national websites that keeps track of businesses registered in Sweden and makes financial data available to the public.

Please note.
The websites presents data from the previous owners of McBläck, before it was acquired by Willems Ventures.