Willems Ventures.

By investing in Willems Ventures you will receive equity in the Willems Ventures entity and hold ownership of the following projects :
Voyager Park, McBläck, Sollefteå24.

Willems Ventures has a total of 10.000 shares, from which 3.500 shares will be available for private investors.

Not all information is available online. Some information might be confidential and can be obtained upon request. 
Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

Contracts and Agreements.

Please note!
Do not transfer the funds until the agreement has been signed by both parties; The Investor and Willems Ventures.

The agreement is only valid if both parties have signed the agreement and if the funds have been received by Willems Ventures.

Investment Details.

Total Investment & Type
250.000 EURO – Equity

Minimum Investment
750 EURO (10 shares a 75 EURO)

750.000 EURO (10.000 shares)

Dividend Yield
Up to 40%, quarterly paid.

Investing in this project gives you shares of Willems Ventures. 
Which includes the Voyager Park project, McBläck and Sollefteå24.

Amount of shares already sold: 211 of 3.500 (11600 EURO)

Investment Process.

  1. Read the documents and make sure you understand everything.
  2. Contact us for more information or if something is not clear.
  3. Read the shareholders agreement, sign the agreement and send it to , attached a copy of your government ID.
  4. Transfer the funds to the address in the agreement.
  5. You will be invited to a private chat group for all investors in Willems Ventures.
  6. Finalized contract will be sent in May 2020 and has to be signed before the 1st of June 2020.
  7. First dividends will be paid on the 24th of June 2020.

    If you have already invested through previous investment rounds using digital currencies, please contact us.


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Please note.

A video call before investing in Willems Ventures is highly appreciated. Otherwise, please use the contact form.

Skype: nwillems_3
Tel: +46 76 100 9111 
Address:  Hålafors 225, 880 30, Näsåker, Sweden.

Due to the large amount of fraud. We do not meet up in Italy, Switzerland or any other country other than Sweden.  We also do not pay upfront or in advance for lawyers or accountancy. You pay yours, we pay ours.
If you want to meet us at our office, please give us a call to book a date.