Willems Ventures.

By investing in Willems Ventures you will receive equity in the Willems Ventures entity and hold ownership of the following projects :
Voyager Park, McBläck, Sollefteå24.

Willems Ventures has a total of 10.000 shares, from which 4.000 shares will be available for private investors.

Not all information is available online. Some information might be confidential and can be obtained upon request. 
Please contact us if you have any specific questions.

Investment Details.

Minimum Investment

750 EURO (10 shares a 75 EURO) for new investors.
75 EURO (1 shares a 75 EURO) for returning investors.

750.000 EURO (10.000 shares)

Dividend Yield
Up to 40%, quarterly paid.

Investing in this project gives you shares of Willems Ventures. 
Which includes the Voyager Park project, McBläck and Sollefteå24.

Amount of shares already sold: 2124 of 4000

Investment Process.


  1. Download and sign the NDA. (download here). To receive additional documents such as the business plan.
  2. Send the signed NDA to


  3. Read the shareholders agreement, understand the agreement. (download here)
  4. Fill in and sign the Shareholders agreement. 
  5. Send the shareholders agreement to


  6. Once approved and signed from both sides, an account will be created on our investment portal, where you can view your documents. You will also be invited to our private telegram group.
  7. Finalized contract will be sent at the end of August 2020.
  8. First dividends will be paid at the end of January 2021. 


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Please note.

A video call before investing in Willems Ventures is highly appreciated. Otherwise, please use the contact form.

Skype: nwillems_3
Tel: +46 76 100 9111 
Address:  Hålafors 225, 880 30, Näsåker, Sweden.

Due to the large amount of fraud. We do not meet up in Italy, Switzerland or any other country other than Sweden.  We also do not pay upfront or in advance for lawyers or accountancy. You pay yours, we pay ours.
If you want to meet us at our office, please give us a call to book a date.