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Hello there, I'm Nayiem Willems.

Founder of Willems Ventures

Whilst sitting in a picturesque forest located in the North of Sweden, together with my wife Sophia, we happened across a great idea, the plan was to build a unique tourist resort called Voyager Park. The park would utilise and enhance the areas natural beauty and tranquillity.

With the help of 40 amazing angel investors, we were able to kick start the project by laying the foundations, infrastructure and built the first phase of our guest accommodation. We were very excited to receive our first guests in December 2020!

We have plans to expand the project by building 12 more unique places for our guests to stay. Alongside that, we also plan to increase the number of activities across the park, adding new and exciting activities regularly.

The Business

August 2019

First idea

The first mentioning of Voyager Park.

October 2019

Private Funding

The first funding stage started after publishing the basic idea to friends and people in our private circle.

March 2020

Angel Investors

After releasing our first business plan and financial projections, Willems Ventures raised 98.000 euro, closing it's funding round in December 2020.

July 2020

Building the concept

Construction of Voyager Park started in July 2020. The property was bought, ground construction, foundation and infrastructure has been built.

December 2020

First guests accommodated

First guests at Voyager Park were welcomed at Voyager Park. Offering a beautiful clear sky with Northern Lights and amazing nights at the hot-tub.

March 2021

First dividends

First dividends have been paid to investors.

May 2021

New path forward

Analyzing and reviewing our business model. We created a new business plan and aiming for a solid and profitable business concept.

June 2021

Prototype of the floating dome, added vehicle

In the month June, we have prepared our first floating dome and added a Landrover Freelander to our rental fleet.

July 2021

Website update and finalizing ground work

The Voyager Park website has been updated with new content and with actual pictures of our accommodation and activities. The ground work at Voyager Park is now finally completed.

September 2021

New dividends paid. Ground work done. First Floating Dome completed. Financial Projections ready.

New dividends have been paid from the last 6 months. The ground has been finally completed. First floating dome is ready to be released on the water and the financial projections are now available online.


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Daihatsu Feroza Rental
Backsjön Bathing Place
Suzuki Jimny Rental
Suzuki Jimny Rental
Aurora with our first deluxe igloo
Aurora with our first deluxe igloo
Aurora with our first deluxe igloo
Deluxe Igloo
Aurora with our first deluxe igloo
Tipi tent
Aurora with our first deluxe igloo
Aurora, seen from Voyager Park
Snowscooter near Voyager Park
Lake behind Voyager Park during Autumn
Voyager Park location, before starting the project
Aurora at nearby lake
Bridge connecting to Voyager Park
Deluxe Igloo

Become an investor

Join us

Willems Ventures has 40 invidual investors.
We have an informal way of communicating and sharing our idea's in a private telegram group.
You can join us.

We are based in Sweden and have investors from all over the world with the majority from the UK, Netherlands and Germany.

where do I invest in?

You are investing in a non-trading company in the UK called Willems Ventures LTD. Which is the holding company for Willems Ventures AB in Sweden.
Willems Ventures AB in Sweden has full ownership of Voyager Park and McBläck.

Business Plan & Financials

Our documents are visible in our profile on the
Angel Investment Network.

At what stage is Willems Ventures?

We are achieving sales in Voyager Park and McBläck. McBläck is a small ink supply business on the side that is nearly enough to cover some operational expenses in the whole business. Voyager Park has 1 luxurious glass-igloo and 1 tipi-tent. 4 off-road vehicles with a rooftop tent have been acquired that will be available for rental in the first week of July 2021.

The goal for 2021 is to build at least 5 floating glass igloo's, 2 more luxurious glass-igloos. Acquire 1 more off-road vehicle with a rooftop tent and to finalize the restaurant and reception.

How to invest?

We prefer to have a video-call with the potential investor and make sure that we are agreeing to a deal that feels right for the both of us and that there is no misunderstanding in the future.
After negotiating the terms, a shareholders agreement will be drafted. This agreement has to be signed by both parties and the agreement is binding as soon as the investment funds have been received by the company.

After investing

After receiving the signed documents and the investment funds, a shareholders certificate will be sent to the investor within 30 days. You will be invited to a private telegram group where you will be able to follow our progress in the business. The atmosphere in the group is informal and you will have the possibillity to ask questions or request pictures at any time. Dividends will be sent on a quarterly basis, starting in 6 months, after signing the agreement. With our concept, we aim to create an ROI of 3-5 years for the investor.

What makes the perfect investor?

In our eyes, the perfect investor is someone who understands that nothing in business or life is perfect, they also understand that the journey itself, is as important as the goal.

Investors like these understand our family-oriented business values and the motivation of the people behind the company.

To ensure our offering remains relevant, we continue developing and evolving our concept, sometimes through innovation, other times through challenges, opportunities and adversity.

Willems Ventures began as a project with private investors. We aim to onboard new investors to our business, but rather than funds we are looking for people that can provide either their professional expertise, market connections, a dash of humour and a personable mindset.


Shareholders Agreement

Latest Update: July 2021

Slidedeck 2021

Latest Update: August 2021

Business Plan 2021

Latest Update: August 2021

Financial Projection

Self calculation (XLSX)

Financial Projection

10% Occupany (PDF)

Financial Projection

25% Occupany (PDF)

Financial Projection

50% Occupany (PDF)


Tel: +46 76 100 9111
Skype: nwillems_3

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